Sherilyn’s Story

Did I just hear right?? Nah could not have.

“Excuse me” I said “Can you just repeat that?”.

The radiographer smiled and looked at me straight in the eye and said “Love, you are having triplets!”.

Suddenly the room spun around me and I felt like I was going to faint. This was the day our lives changed forever. My husband and I were going from 1 child to 4. The questions swarmed in my head. Are they ok? Are they identical? Will they survive?

I was excited yet so very scared. I was also scared for my precious little boy Lachlan who was not even 3. He was so used to having Mummy and Daddy to himself and now he had to share us with 3 other babies. We told him the news and he was so excited. I have to admit the pregnancy was hard, extremely uncomfortable and sleep…….well what was that?? The babies thought night time was the perfect time to kick and dance around in my belly so therefore I could not sleep (fortunately they now sleep 12 hours a night!!).

I had ultrasounds every week and the day that we were told that we were having 3 girls was so exciting! We were also told that they were fraternal meaning non identical. So that was peace of mind also.

I was admitted to hospital a couple of times for strict bed rest and kidney problems but everything was fine with the babies.

On December 7th 2004 at 34 weeks I was brought into hospital by my husband to give birth to our 3 baby girls. I was so nervous but couldn’t wait to hold them in my arms. Again, questions were buzzing in my head but the peace of God was with me and I knew that my 3 precious baby girls were going to be fine.

At 11:43am a beautiful yet LOUD baby girl was placed in my arms. We named her Kaitlyn Lily and she weighed 4 pounds 7.

At 11:45am another gorgeous but even louder baby girl was given to me. Brooklyn Rose weighing 3 pounds 14. 

At 11:47am another beautiful baby was placed in my arms. This one did not even let out a scream and to this day she is still our quietest one. We named her Tayla Grace and she weighed 4 pounds 8.

They were all given a clean bill of health and taken to the Neonatal unit. I was then taken to recovery to… well….recover.

Unfortunately the rest of the day is still a bit of a blur. That morphine was potent stuff!! We have a lot of video of the day – something to show the girls on their 21st. 

They were so gorgeous and so healthy. They even breast fed when they were not even 24 hours old!

They were so well we were allowed to take them home on Christmas day, but only for the day. It was so lovely to have our whole family with us celebrating Christmas and the birth of our triplets.

They came home on the 2nd of January 2005 just 3 and a half weeks after they were born. Doctors were amazed at how well they were!

The girls are now almost 2 and we are still getting a lot of comments from bystanders. The most common one is “Are they triplets?” or “Don’t you have your hands full” and even “Poor you”. I do not think of myself as poor, I think of myself as so richly blessed having triplets considering I was told when I was 17 that I had less than 5% chance of having children! 

Our son Lachlan loves his sisters to bits and they get on so well. 

When the girls were 6 months old we found out we were having another baby. Another baby girl Miah Paris.

I thank God every day for my family and the blessings he has poured out on us all.