Home Help Service

Funded by SA Health through the Women’s and Children’s Health Network, run by Multiple Birth SA

"We are currently getting the home help and it is seriously amazing! (It) has helped me so so much - (the carer) looks after the girls, feeds, bathes, plays, settles and when they nap jobs around the house get sorted."

What is it?

Thanks to the hard work of a quintuplet mother in the early 1990s, Multiple Birth SA receives funding from SA Health via the Women’s and Children’s Health Network to provide in-home support services to families with twins, triplets or more. The Home Help Service gives much needed hands-on support to families in their own homes, so that they have the best possible chance of success with what can be a demanding family dynamic.

"We finished our home help last week, and can I just say thank you for providing such a great service. It was wonderful knowing that the twins were in good hands while I was able to do some gardening, hanging out with toddler, sleeping (😁) or whatever else needed doing. The time felt like it went all too quickly, but was greatly appreciated. Thank you!" 

How can it help me?

The care provided is mostly baby related in its focus although some light household assistance can be provided to ensure families receive appropriate respite and support. The carers have the experience to care for your babies whilst you have a break and yes you can leave the home! There are many things that can be done and here are some suggestions:

  • Feeding assistance – support whilst breast or bottle feeding
  • Preparation of babies / children’s formula or food
  • Family meal preparation
  • Cleaning of bottles and equipment
  • Bathing babies / children
  • Settling babies and supervision of sleep
  • Playtime with babies / children
  • Caring for the babies whist you spend time with other children
  • Light laundry
  • Light household tasks (e.g. vacuum a room, mop family area)
  • Baby / child related activities
  • Support whilst attending appointments / playgroups
  • Identify resources available to families within the community
  • Share ideas about baby and child related care
"I used my time to have some one on one time with my toddler who was desperately craving mummy time at that point, so we would go out to the library for story time and leave the babies with the carer. By the time we got home, they would be bathed and asleep and she had moved onto packing / unpacking the dishwasher, folding nappies, hanging / folding washing."

Who can apply?

The program is run by Multiple Birth SA and is available for all SA residents, including rural families and can be applied for any time before the multiples are 12 months old (corrected age). This is a no cost service for families, funded by SA Health through the Women’s and Children’s Health Network

To find out more or to apply email homehelp@multiplebirthsa.org.au.

"My first session I hovered around in the house doing a stack of house work while the carer looked after the boys. She also helped me with feeding. The next sessions I had complete confidence to leave the house for a couple of hours - brilliant!!" 
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